Watch this US Navy ship destroy a flying drone with a laser weapon (David Choi)
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    Dave Smith
    What is the range of the weapon? Is it a continuous beam, or pulsed.
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    Lord Helmut
    Man that was cool.
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    steven wolfolk
    Takes about 5 seconds of continuous exposure to the beam to bring down a small drone--in good weather. This thing has a long way to go.
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    Money Talks
    WW3 will be a surprising revelation of new high tech weaponry... for those who survive long enough to witness it.
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    Sorry my friend but 50 years ago I worked with a defense manufacturing company that had the laser technology to destroy a city from an airplane if they could get the power supply small enough to carry on a plane. Our country has more military equipment than we can even imagine if we so desire to use
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    What if the enemy has a mirror?
  • r
    If we are seeing this on Yahoo, it’s very old news.
  • T
    Buck Rogers in the 21st Century. Funny how all the old movies are coming true.
  • j
    A laser weapon discharges its firepower at the speed of light. Allowing a multiple targets at one time (in seconds) Mirror or shining metal will have no effect.. The distance and size of the targets does not make any difference at the speed of light. When fired it will take only milliseconds to hit its mark.
    It is very mobile and light and can easily be mounted even in a car size vec in air, sea, land, and low orbiting satellite.
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    Nikola Tesla invented that DEATH RAY in the 1930s He was laughed at for his claims to be able to blow a Tank out of the sand ten miles away.