Terrence Romeo's 'underhanded' way of distracting Jeron Teng

FEU's Terrence Romeo shadows DLSU's Jeron Teng.

Trash-talking a player who's about to take a free throw is old hat. Normally, an opposing player will walk behind (or sometimes even in front of) the free throw shooter and whisper sweet nothings with the hope of sufficiently distracting him so that he'll miss. That gimmick has been around forever.

On Wednesday at the UAAP Final Four, FEU's Terrence Romeo took this routine to another level altogether.

In a video posted on Instagram by believelasalle, Romeo can be seen bringing his hand to his mouth and then touching the hand of La Salle's Jeron Teng, who is about to take a pair of free throws. The incident happened in the third period after FEU's Gryann Mendoza was slapped with a technical foul and Teng was assigned to take the free throws.

It's impossible to zoom in to Romeo's hand and solidly conclude that he did indeed spit on it, but what transpires next pretty much says that whatever it was that was transferred to his hand, Teng didn't like it one bit.

The DLSU star can be seen with a shocked look on his face, after which he complains to the referee and then tries to confront Romeo, who raises his arms as if he doesn't know what Teng is asking about.

Of course, Teng and the Green Archers got the last laugh after they ousted the Tamaraws, 71-68, to advance to the UAAP Finals for the first time in five years.

Here's the video: