Water level in Toledo’s Malubog Dam reaches critical levels

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IMPOUNDED water from the Malubog Dam in Toledo City is to be released after its water capacity came close to reaching critical levels due to heavy rains on Tuesday, Jan. 12, 2021.

To avoid any possible untoward incidents related to the releasing of the Malubog Dam’s impounded water, Toledo City officials also ordered an immediate evacuation of residents living near the dam’s downstream area.

Roseller Layan, Toledo City public information officer, said Carmen Copper Corp. (CCC) is set to activate its flood control systems installed at the dam in order to release water.

“We really need to release the water so it doesn’t overflow during heavy rains. We need to maintain it at the right level,” Layan told Superbalita Cebu on Jan. 12.

To prevent any possible risk, the Toledo City government also ordered residents living within the dam area and those situated at the Ilihan Weir to evacuate to safer ground.

Layan said the releasing

of floodwater aims to mitigate a possible disaster, especially to residents living in surrounding areas.

“The number of residents in the area is not that high and not that low either, but the mayor has instructed them to evacuate the area because sooner or later, the water will overflow. We’ve been seeing more rainy days, and the water level is now above normal, although according to our disaster officer, it’s still controllable,” Layan said.

As of press time, Layan has yet to provide the complete number of residents living near the dam’s downstream area.

Aside from the dam, the city government is also monitoring Sitio Tadtaran in Brgy. Kabulihan after a landslide occurred near two houses situated there on Jan. 12 due to heavy rains.

Meanwhile, the Toledo City Government has not stopped its search and retrieval operations for the six miners who are still missing after the fatal landslide in one of CCC’s mining pits on Dec. 21, 2020.

Layan has called upon residents to cooperate with authorities in the event that a preemptive evacuation is implemented. (ANV)