How to Save Time and Money Two Weeks Before Christmas

12 days before Christmas

Christmas is really here! ‘tis really the season to be jolly, but also the busiest time of the year – in all aspects. How did you prepare to save for the coming Holidays? Or if not, how are you going to brave the coming days now the Christmas is fast-approaching? brings to you some practical and effective ways to save time, effort and money during this last stretch of the Year of the Horse.

Shop online.

We’re all aware how the Christmas rush makes the season worse in a beautiful way as it brings the joy of giving – mall sales, Filipinos panic-buying for gifts, goods, and gifts, and heavy traffic everywhere heightened by rain showers – happening all at once. Well, you won’t experience anything stated if you shop in the comfort of your home or anywhere you prefer, right? Shop online to save commuting time and money without having to literally bump with people in the malls or tiangges just to get the things you need to buy. During this season, most online stores also offer the same promos and discounts as in the malls!

Pay in cash.

As much as credit cards will help you manage your finances (at least to some), paying in cold, hard cash could help you save more. That is especially true if you’re in a place where you can haggle. One of the problems of using cards is that they encourage you to spend more than you intend to as with cash, spending more than you allotted requires going to an ATM to get more and then going back to the store just to complete the purchase unless you’re comfortable to using debit cards for purchase.

Stay away from shopping malls.

If you fearlessly crave the malls despite the enormous traffic for a busy and crowded atmosphere, then go. But aside from the fact that the most expensive retailers are in it as the bigger ones can afford the lease agreement of the shopping malls, you will only get the more expensive items.

You can never go wrong if you have brought practical information with you. Imagine the experience of heading to the exact store to get the exact item you want to buy with your allotted budget and then moving smoothly to the next stores. Also, if you prefer to see the things you want to buy, go online first and do your price research to make sure that you are getting the best deal. Especially if you love gift-giving this Season, it helps you a lot when you have the actual list and the budget for each.

Don’t give in instantly.

It varies among people, but most of the time, people refer to their gut feel when buying items thinking that it’s a great deal – but no, almost always, it’s not. Consider yourself looking at that item you bought instantly a week after (or even a day after). Does it have the same feeling after seeing it the first time and buying it right away without much thought? For sure, not always and if you really liked it, that could be a great time to go back again and buy it.

Save your Christmas bonus for Christmas expenses.

The holiday requires you extra cash to have on-hand, save your Christmas bonus for gifts, relaxation and having fun and avoid using it for extra bills and expenses non-Christmas-related.

Do not overspend on your Noche Buena.

Filipinos love celebrations as much as we love food but make it a point that you don’t overdo it buying a lot you can’t even consume. Some karaoke, good laughs, and games will bring you through the holiday without killing your wallet.

Spend time with loved ones.

Make use of the times off-work and spend simple yet special moments with your family. If you can’t afford the gift-giving setup, think of activities such as playing a board game, watching your downloaded movies (oops) or going to the park. Catching up with your family goes a long way.

Do not forget the reason for the season and why it is important to celebrate, but aside from the merriment it will bring, it will take some time and money for the Season to be merrier. You’ll realize it when you end up in the cashier, paying for the items you picked so consider these tips. Nevertheless, may we all have a merry Christmas!

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