WeChat Tops Indonesia’s iOS and Android Charts Thanks to TV Ads [VIDEO]

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The China-based messaging app WeChat is seeing explosive growth in Indonesia right now. WeChat has reached the number one overall position on the country’s iOS and Android charts a few days ago. The WeChat team then said that its number of downloads increased by a factor of 30 since the TV advertising campaign began a couple of weeks ago.

WeChat is also quite popular on the nation’s number one smartphone platform, Blackberry. The app recently reached the second overall position over there as well. Back then the Tencent WeChat team told us that the app is adding 90,000 new users per day thanks to its TV ads. If the growth number is still consistent, then according to our math, WeChat should have at least one million users in Indonesia by now.

WeChat’s number one position on Android effectively kicked rival Line into second place in the overall app category. The Japan-based app is now placed at sixth in the country’s iOS apps rankings. The only messaging app rival that hasn’t launched any TV ads yet, the Korean-based company KakaoTalk, is positioned in the top 50 and top 80 in the Android and iOS app charts respectively.

Note that Line or WhatsApp could be the country’s number one messaging app due to their earlier pushes into the market here.

WeChat’s partnership with media giant MNC Media seems to be paying off in Indonesia so far - especially with its TV ads. And through the newly formed joint-venture company, MNC Tencent, the Chinese company might be able outgun Line when it comes to TV ads and public visibility in the long run. Indonesians who are looking forward to the new Blackberry 10 platform will also get a chance to use WeChat there in the near future.

Here is WeChat's TV ad in Indonesia:

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