Wedding, events suppliers enjoy ‘CWS Night 2019’

CEBU Weddings Suppliers (CWS) held its eighth CWS Night last Wednesday, Nov. 13, at Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino.

From a casual party that happened years ago, it has now grown into a big shindig where suppliers from the wedding and events industry are all welcome to join, gather together to mingle and celebrate.

Titled, “Ato Ni, Bai!” CWS celebrated and highlighted the best of Cebu’s street food. Guests dressed in street-style ensembles enjoyed a night of good food, games and music at the hotel’s Pacific Grand Ballroom, where the space was decorated in festive designs with charming touches from picnic tables to pusô (or hanging rice) for centerpieces. There they indulged themselves in dishes like ginabot, siomai, sikwate and other Cebu and Pinoy favorites, while participating in games and raffles. Guest performer Kurt Fick serenaded the guests that night as well.

That was also the first night where they conducted a turnover of the CWS flag from the present hotel host to the next.

More than a place for its guests to have fun and de-stress, the CWS Night aims for everyone to form a bond with those who have been in the wedding and events industry for quite some time now, and to those who are still new to the industry. “We hope that through this event, there’s harmony and healthy competition. It’s a good avenue for them to network with other people, too,” shared CWS founder Shirley Grace Ong. Contributed Photos / Rock Paper Scissors Photography