The Week in Numbers: techs tower, Robin reels

From tech titans setting records, to a damp debut for Robinhood, this is the Week in Numbers.

$50.4 billion was Google's revenue from advertising just in the second quarter. Parent firm Alphabet earned billions more from YouTube. All that in a week that also saw record numbers from Apple and Microsoft. Analysts say that leaves only one big question. With hundreds of billions of dollars in cash, what are the tech giants going to do with all their money?

$1.1 billion marked a record quarterly profit for Tesla too. And, unlike some past quarters, the money didn't come from one-off gimmicks like selling some bitcoin. It came from, you know, selling cars. But German giant Volkswagen also posted a record profit this week, and aims to overtake Tesla on EV sales by 2025. The competition could be electric.

Over 8% was the debut-day decline for shares in Robinhood Markets. What had been one the year's most eagerly awaited IPOs turned out to be a damp squib. Some retail investors snubbed the deal, still angry over the way Robinhood curbed trading at the height of the meme-stock frenzy.

Professional investors were more worried about the price. Here's Renaissance Capital principal Kathleen Smith:

"investors are going to give it credit for the growth. The question is, can it be really trading at over 20 times trailing sales? That's a very generous valuation."

6.5% was how much the U.S. economy grew in the second quarter. That was slower than analysts had forecast, but still marked a big milestone. The expansion took U.S. GDP back above its pre-crisis peak.

And up to $2 billion is how much Jeff Bezos is offering NASA - if the space agency will give him the contract for a moon mission. The Amazon founder is just back from a trip on his own rocket, but he wants more. And he's not happy that arch-rival Elon Musk already has a big lunar contract. Now Bezos says he's willing to waive billions in payments due to his rocket company to get a moon mission of his own.

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