Weesam adopts 2019-nCoV ARD precautionary measures

FERRY line Weesam Express has assured its passengers that it has observed precautionary measures for all its vessels against the threat of the 2019-novel coronavirus acute respiratory disease (2019-nCoV ARD).

Daisy Sypiecco, marketing manager of Weesam fastcraft, told Sunstar Cebu that the company has already acted on the necessary protocols for the prevention of the 2019-nCoV ARD like distubuting face masks to its employees.

Sypiecco said that due to the shortage of surgical masks, they will purchase the cloth masks and advised their personnel to wash them every night to be reused the next day.

Aside from masks, its personnel will be stationed at the entrance and will be roving inside the fastcraft to disinfect with alcohol the hands of its passengers.

Sypiecco said that before the boarding and after the send-off of the passengers, Weesam personnel will ensure to disinfect the whole facility.

Even as it is doing its part to prevent the spread of the novel disease, Sypiecco noted that a decline in the number of passengers is inevitable.

She added that before the 2019-NcoV ARD outbreak, ships carried around 290 passengers every boarding but now it barely makes it to a hundred. (KFD)