#WelcomeToThePhilippines Tiktok trend has Filipinos poking fun at themselves

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Step back from the culture wars on Twitter for a bit, and stay for a while in the much more laid-back world of Pinoy TikTok. The latest trending hashtag here is #WelcomeToThePhilippines, with over 5 million views as of this writing, where Filipinos have taken to singing—a little too honestly—about all the quirks that make Pinoys truly Pinoy.

The earliest version appears to have been made by TikToker Fitri Cerado (@fitricerado), whose particularly insightful take on Pinoy culture is set to comedian Bo Burnham’s satirical ditty”Welcome to the Internet”. Cerado mentions pokes fun at everything from the Constitution to our love for skin whitening products.


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Other TikTokers have since taken to the hashtag to talk about gossipy neighbors, the Pinoy accent, Filipino food, and the beauty of the Philippine tourist attractions.

This trend isn’t confined to the Philippines, however. TikTokers from other countries in the region have also seen their own #WelcomeTo hashtags trend, as they sing about their own cultural quirks, more often than not getting in a jab at the status quo.

@jefrobs_thestageReply to @jeong_is_single Oh eto ma gumawa ako ng goodside, haha, still


this country despite and inspite ##fyp##WelcometothePhilippines##fypシ##woke♬ original sound – jefrobs_thestage

@datumanlalakbay##duet with @abigailbarlowww trying this trend ##welcometothephilippines Indigenous Youth version.♬ original sound – Abigail Barlow

@jasmineabbadfollow the trend welcome to my own city aja deh


JEMBER ENDI IKI SUARANE!!! ib @abigailbarlowww ##jember♬ original sound – Abigail Barlow

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