Wenceslao: Complacency

Bong O. Wenceslao
·3 min read

First off, I would like to thank Sky Cable for solving the problem I encountered the past few days with its digibox and remote. It turned out that after years of use, the digibox finally needed to be replaced with a new and functioning one. Thanks to the staff of the firm’s Tabunok office for being accommodating and acting swiftly to solve my problem. I am back to surfing TV channels again.

One report that caught my attention while I was surfing channels yesterday morning was about the reimposition of restrictions in the National Capital Region (NCR) as the number of Covid-19 cases are on the rise again. This even as the government’s vaccination effort is ongoing. This has, therefore, become a race between the government and a virus. Will the virus reach us first before we get vaccinated?

Which is why I felt sad when I heard reports on the problems encountered by the government in inoculating medical frontliners with either Sinovac or the vaccine manufactured by AstraZeneca. Medical frontliners are the first in the long line of sectors prioritized by the government in its vaccination effort. If the inoculation effort at the front of the line is slow, then the waiting time of those in the middle of the line and those at the rear will be longer.

Frankly, there is a loosening of people’s hold on the protocols strictly imposed during the previous lockdowns. Some drivers of passenger utility vehicles, for example, have become bold in bypassing the physical distancing rule even as the plastic separators placed to ensure that this rule will be followed are slowly being torn down. What is the Land Transportation Office 7 doing about it?

Face shields have become useless because instead of being used as extra protection from the virus, these are instead worn on top of the head, leaving the face vulnerable. Some people who wear face masks place them around the chin or the neck instead, leaving the mouth and the nose open. It seems to me like face masks are worn mainly because it is a government requirement for one to be allowed to go out. Its purpose to prevent the spread of the virus is lost in the passing.

There is really a need to revisit the proper implementation of the protocols, especially with the seeming slowing down of the government’s vaccination effort. The laxity is worrisome especially because of reports about the virus variants, many of which increase the chance of infection. We should act swiftly considering that only a few of us have been vaccinated.

I understand even the vaccinated will still be careful because they could still be spreaders of infection. In the US, the wearing of face masks is being pushed even as the vaccination effort there is speedy. The message is simple. Complacency is not an ally in the fight against the pandemic.

We are not yet out of this mess. Let us not act as if we already are. Let us continue to strictly follow health protocols. Don’t be complacent.