Wenceslao: Make mine Leni, but...

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WITH my slow and hopefully sure, recovery from my recent health scare, I am now looking forward to next year’s elections. One of the important questions regarding the political exercise has already been answered by the government’s vaccination effort. Some sectors have actually been preparing for the postponement of the elections or for an online process. But with vaccination, a ray of hope has emerged that the elections won’t be postponed and that it would be done with the least modification.

I would be supporting candidates, both at the local and national levels, to be sure. I am a retiree and am no longer regularly working for a news outlet although I am still writing columns. I would be following ethical journalistic standards still, in the support of that candidate. Notably with respect to my columns. I will be transparent with my actions, especially during the campaign period.

In the last elections, character and viewpoint were important considerations. That hasn’t changed for me. If you ask me my preference will still be decent candidates. At the national level, I would support candidates that would ensure a return to the kind of governance that we have been missing for years now, one that respects the rule of law and one that is patriotic and competent. I would have liked Vice President Leni Robredo although I would be for whoever has a chance of winning among wannabes aligned with 1Sambayan.

Robredo can actually make it if the liberals are united. But it looks like Robredo is tentative, thus the rumor that she is running for governor in her home place instead. Which is not surprising because she is both mother and father to her daughters, even if they are already old enough to be on their own. This also means Robredo is not as ambitious like the other presidential wannabes.

Grace Poe can be a good choice. Her stint in the Senate proves she can run the country well. She is popular because of the late King of Philippine movies, Fernando Poe Jr. Her previous run was, I should say, premature. She can be considered a veteran politician now. I would rank Poe with Sen. Panfilo Lacson in terms of leadership. Lacson, though, has the edge in experience having been a former law enforcer.

Then we have the popular lesser lights in terms of competence like Manila Mayor Isko Moreno Domagoso and Sen. Manny Pacquiao. The latter’s recent verbal clashes with supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte means he can be independent if given the chance. Moreno, though, has an edge given his experience as mayor of the country’s premier local government unit.

Then you have former senator Antonio Trillanes IV, who is considered the most hated by diehard Duterte supporters or DDS. Trillanes is more hated than VP Robredo given his verbal clashes with the President when he was senator.

I would support whoever will be the unity candidate of the opposition, although my most preferred is still Robredo.