What is the People’s Climate Movement and how does it work?

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The People’s Climate Movement is an alliance of civil society organisations that was created in the United States and has about 50 groups of activists.

Since 2014, the PCM has promoted marches across the country and around the world with the aim of calling for action on climate issues.

Who are the participants?

The movement is mostly made up of young people who have grown tired of listening to speeches about containing the climate crisis that, they say, are never put into practice by world leaders. The PCM defends social and political changes to reduce and reverse the effects of climate change on the planet.

The goals of the movement

The goals of the People’s Climate Movement include ensuring a safe world for all, a 100% clean and renewable future, and pollution-free workplaces. The goal is to ensure that future generations can inhabit the planet in better conditions than today.

The main milestones of the People’s Climate Movement

The organisation became known worldwide in 2015 after protesting the withdrawal of the United States from the international Paris Agreement, in a move led by President Donald Trump.

In September 2019, members of the People’s Climate Movement promoted the largest climate mobilisation in history. More than 7.6 million people went on strike across the planet to demand more measures in favour of the environment.

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