Where Antonio Trillanes IV stands

No to RH Law

I am against the RH Law but not for any religious reason but for a public policy aspect of the new law. I think the sex education component would be more dangerous to our society. I aslo disagree with allocating at least P13.5 billion of public money for contraceptives. I think there will be a lot of leakages there.

No to divorce

I'm not in favor of divorce because I believe that's not a very critical problem in our society right now. Besides, I think that's one of the strengths of the Filipino: Our culture promotes strengthening of families. Right now we are reaping the benefits of that culture.

But of course we're not going to discount those cases which may involve ireconcilable differences or spousal abuses. But I think right now we have remedies for that. They can always file for legal separation. And I think it's also one thing we have to strengthen that before those single couples plunge into marriage... they should really reflect hard on their partners and their futures.

No to same-sex marriage

I'm not in favor of same-sex marriage because it may have several complications later on. Even socially liberal countries are very cautious in approaching this new development so I think it's more prudent for us to wait and review whether such social movements would be beneficial to our society.

Besides, I think what is more important is to discourage gender discrimination. One you get that out of the way, we will be more accepting in the society. But it should be something short of marriage.

No to death penalty

I am against the reimposition of death penalty for the simple reason that we have a flawed criminal justice system. Our law enforcement arm has yet to be completely reformed and we have a justice system that favors those who can afford good lawyers.

On territorial dispute with China

I think we should defer to the wisdom of the administration. The President is the sole source of foreign policy and it is articulated through te Department of Foreign Affairs. Whatever foreign policy they come up with, let us assume that they have done their homework and we should unite behind such policy pronouncements.

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