Where Ernesto Maceda stands

No to RH Law

I am against the RH Law and if there are any calls to repeal it, I will support it.
No to divorce

I am against divorce because it will cause the break-up of many families. I have practice law in the States and I handled about 30 Filipino divorces a month, and I could see sometimes the reasons are very flimsy. Just because there is divorce, people will immediately file divorce case whenever they get into an argument against their spouses. It will cause break up of many families.
No to same-sex marriage

The natural law is clear. I think it is clear that a marriage is between a man and a woman and I am not in favor of same-sex marriage.

Yes to death penalty

Because of the tremendous number of neinous crimes that are being committed... You know in the beginning I voted for the death penalty and when there was a proposal in the time of Cory Aquino to abolish it I voted to abolish it but I think the time has come again to restore the death penalty.
Definitely, it will deter crimes especially we have to impose death penalty on druglords and drug pushers, and drug offenders.

On territorial row with China

The administration doesn’t seem to be effective in handling it and they haven’t been able to contract any negotiations with the Chinese. They brought it to the UN where it has to be resolved but it will take a long, long time to resolve it.
We should push the case to the UN. We should lobby with the other countries to support us. We should ask ASEAN, to begin with, to unite us as a group to support our claim.

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