Where Grace Poe stands

On repeal of RH Law

Right now, I think they’ve discussed this for many years and that we've come though a ompromise. Personally I believe it is more sensitive law in the sense that
(1) there is no mention of abortion,
(2) there is no mention of population control and
(3) education when it comes to reproductive health is a development issue that is not dictated by the law but analyzed by experts such teachers, psychologists and parents...

I would say that since it is reproductive health, I think that the government should be able to fund couples who are responsible who can probably afford to raise a child to be able to have fertility treatments if they want to. Fertility treatments should not be available to te very wealthy. I think that middle class couples and in the working class couple should be able to avail this if this is truly a RH bill.

No to divorce

Personally, I don’t think that we are ready for this particular bill to be passed into law but I believe that the Family Code should be revisited and we should be able to amend what we already have in terms of annulment legal separation and nullity of marriage... It should be amended to be able to address the needs of the times. And I think this is one step first that we need to take before we event think of divorce.
No to same-sex marriage

I am not for same sex marriage at this point but I believe in domestic partnership. I believe that they should be protected in the law especially in show business where I know  there are a lot of very responsible gay couples who've been living together.
No to death penalty

At this point, I don’t believe in death penalty. I think we should reform first the judicial system. The average criminal case lasts about 20 years and even with the length of time there are still cases when an innocent person is charged. Another thing we need to revisit is the juvenile delinquent act, I don’t think that we should lower the  age of a responsibility for these children.

What we should really focus on is the prevention and rehabilitation for our criminal justice system. I think we should reform our prison systems before we even think of having death penalty.
On territorial row with China

I think at this pint the DFA is correct we need to do arbitration, and its not about whether they will decide that these territories really belong to us. It is clearly ours so the issue is a proposal for a joint exploration in some  of these islands. I believe that a lot of countries are able to resolve conflicts because of economic concerns.

There  are lot things that we need to consider it doesn’t mean that just because its is a joint exploration that we are abdicating our rights to these islands.

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