Where Jack Enrile stands

On RH Law

I voted in favor of the RH Bill.

On divorce

I will not support any Divorce Bill in Congress.  What is more urgent and is a significant step towards protecting the unity and integrity of the family as the basic institution in our society is a serious and thorough review of our Family Code, particularly  the provisions that pertain to the grounds for annulment of marriage.

It is common knowledge that the influx of annulment cases following the passage of the new Family Code in 1988 was mainly spurred by the exploitation of the vague ground - "psychologically incapacitated" - which has been inordinately used as legal basis for annulling marriages.  But how many such cases that have prospered are really and truly based on 'psychological incapacity"?  Why does the law allow those spouses who have been "proven" to be "psychologically incapacitated" to re-marry?  Does the law effectively prevent "collusion" between the husband and the wife just to obtain freedom to get out of their marriage?

In truth and in fact, we already have a divorce law in our statute books except that this is couched in "palatable" terms and, under present conditions, make our laws and the whole process a big sham, a mockery of the process and an assault on the unity and integrity of the family.

No to death penalty

I am pro-life.  Records show that the penalty of death did not curb criminality in our society.
Territorial row with China

I agree with the tact taken by the government, through the Department of Foreign Affairs under Secretary Albert Del Rosario, which is to elevate the issue and address this multilaterally considering that it involves several claimant-countries.  To fall into the trap of addressing this bilaterally can prove to be the worst step to take, that is why we must reinforce and strengthen our diplomatic relations with our allies and neighbors in the region.

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