Where JC de los Reyes stands

No to RH Law

We believe that the RH bill is simply unconstitutional. There's a constitutional provision that protects equally the life of the mother and the life of the unborn. And we believe that in an RH rights invocation that in the hospital bed, a patient would invoke his or her RH rights, ang there are gray issues there.

It’s a wrong way of tackling poverty. We believe its unconstitutional, its immoral, its uneconomical. People could obey stupid laws but mjot evil law and we believe that precisely is

On same sex marriage

First of all, our platform has a moral component but its not about morality. It’s about doing the right thing. It’s about health. What is healthy to people. Now, same sex marriage all these issues that have moral dimension peole are pushing that a sector is pushing it...

We are pushing the opposite. Some say this is right. We say this is right. That is democracy so what is important is we’re advocating the politics of conscience. That’s the most important. Instead of the policy of duplicity, the politics of hypocrisy, I admire those people pushing for same sex  marriages they have the best of intentions but to me they are wrong.

On death penalty

We are not for the death penalty, especially the justice sytem in the country. A poor person gets the public attorney. The rich person gets UP, Ateneo lawyers, 10 pa. Tapos in any situation where justrice is invoked, there is really no certainty as to what actually happened at that time when a crime is committed and so to protect life, it’s better to go with a life sentence rather than snuff out that life.

I am a victim of violence. My 10-year old sister was murdered (in) cold blood yet I have forgiven and that’s a higher calling. Instead of society, demanding blood. That’s easy to kill somebody but what we are calling for is to forgive and to make sure he is punished by serving the sentence.
On territorial row with China

I don’t know if bilateral talks and multi-lateral talks are mutually exclusive but I would go for  both if ever it is okay legally but the problem with that issue is our former president has sided with China and our current president is siding swith the United States.

If ever, I would go for a policy that we are a friend to all and an enemy of none. I would go for a policy of friendship with China and friendship with the United States and that would be better for the country.

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