Where Jun Magsaysay stands

Yes to RH Law

We need the law, for certain. We have so many infant deaths, mothers die in sickness. We are against abortion of course. But in terms of family responsibility, there has to be a sane approach to make sure that families will only have the children they can afford.

No to divorce

Actually meron na tayong divorce. So sa akin ay palakasin na lang natin iyong civil annulment. Parang divorce na rin iyon. Let us review the provisions. Make it simpler para iyong mahihirap hindi naman masyadong magastos para sa kanila. Kailangan din sigurong i-expedite ang procedure.

We cannot go through divorce especially after going through the very divisive RH bill.

No to same-sex marriage

I think there's not marriage in same sex. They can just live together. It's their personal issue. But they can just form a partnership. It's like a business. Two females or two males want to get together, it's their business. We have nothing to do about that. Why do they have to get married? Marriage itself is between husband and wife, how can there be husband and husband and wife and wife?

On death penalty

When you see a lot of massacres like the one of Ampatuan and others that have been happening, I think we should think twice about that. It merits a review.

On territorial dispute with China
I would go the way the President  goes; we have to  be firm. We have to address it in an international body, the United Nations. We have to be aware that we are in the geography of a very strong China, not only militarily but also economically.

We cannot fight China but through our moral stand and those of our neighbors who are also equally agitated about China being pushy... we have to work collectively and work through the United Nations.

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