Where Lito David stands

No to divorce

Pag tinatanong ako patungkol sa divorce, simple lang naman ang nagiging sagot ko diyan. Titingnan mo lang ang America, Ang divorce ba nakabuti sa America? Kung hindi siya nakabuti sa America, hindi siya makakabuti sa Pilipinas. So sa akin there is no need for it. We've seen other countries introduce these statutes, and it never benefitted them, why would it be ay different from us?

No to same-sex marriage

Same-sex marriage is not in accordance with natural law. That is not religious. Natural law is natural law. When it's not in accordance with natural law, it should not be pursued.

I am not against homosexuals; I am against homosexuality. You may be a homosexual but you can be chaste. When you start practicing homosexuality, being active in it, that is unnatural. And if you talk about faith, that is a sin.

On territorial dispute with China

I think the territorial dispute with China will be best resolved by talking to China directly. mas magiging mabilis for us to talk with the Chinese government in this case... Kaya naman ganyan ng posisyon ngayon ng Pilipinas patungkol diyan sa China ay dalhin sa international forum is because they want to put in the interest of the Americans also.

Sa akin yang West Philippines Sea is a question that should be resolved between us and China through a bilateral discussio. And eventually to come up with a mutual agreement on how to best use the resources found in that area.

No to death penalty

In terms of secular arguments, the death penalty is not a deterrent to the commission of crime... A lot of nations that have death penalty have reverted to capital punishment absent death penalty, because it was proven that it has never and it will never be a deterrent to the commission of heinous crime.

Of course, if you talk of faith, no one has the right to take the life of anyone, except for one justification which is self-defense. But scientifically, it was never and it will nver be a deterrent in the commission of crime. Enforcing laws and making sure criminals are caught and incarcerated are the best solutions to crimes.

No to RH Law

If the Supreme Court fails to rule on it, and if we get to the Senate prior to that ruling, we will call for its repeal... But of course if the Supreme Court rules on it and declares it unconstitutional, that would be good for everyone.

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