Where Loren Legarda stands

On repeal of RH Law

Let's give the law a chance. We studied that and debated that and amended it for several months f not years and so let's allow it to take its course and to be serve our women and all of those who are against should actually read the law that we helped craft that there is no abortion at all in any provision in the RH bill.

On divorce

I believe in civil annulment and while there is no Divorce Bill yet filed in the Senate, Im open to deliberations on it in the 16th Congress just to listen to it first. But I think that we should study the grounds for civil annulment to make it more accessible especially to those who don’t have access to expensive lawyers and perhaps to even consider providing free legal services to those who cannot afford lawyers. But I am not saying that I a anti-divorce. All im saying is that we must broaden the scope of civil annulment and see how it can be accessible even for free legal services for indigent women who are trapped in abusive relationships.
On same-sex marriage

I would like to provide the rights and privileges of the LGBT. I think they deserve to be treated as equals ad to be able to have the rights of other people. Now regarding the word “marriage,” that has to be studied even with regards to our Constitution. When you say “equal rights” that mean “union” so I don’t want to use words that may come in conflict with the Constitutional rights, etc. All Im saying is that im one in protecting and promoting equal rights for the LGBT.
I am open to listening to that and that would be a very interesting debate because I don’t want to immediately say yes to that while I am of the opinion that we should provide and respect the rights and im for equality however I want to know when we say union what does it actually mean because union would mean marriage between different things depending on the fine print of the bill. So I will have to hold my decision depending on what version is shown.

On death penalty

I was for the death penalty in my first term and I've said that. However, I must review that position and see whether this has been a deterrent actually to crime. So presently, its difficult to say if I would maintain that position because if I were to think emotionally, incestuous rape angers me so much. Gruesome murders and senseless crimes anger me and sometimes I say back with penalty. But we need to see a direct correlation between death penalty as a deterrence in crime. SO I would have to restudy that.

On territorial dispute with China

There is no place for violence and war in this dispute. I've always said that we must use our economic and cultural diplomacy in trying to resolve this. We must focus or put our efforts on everything that could help promote bilateral relations between China and the Philippines. We must look at China as a big market for our products. We must look at China as a country that can help us promote our culture ad our agriculture and our environment...

We must engage our neighbor in economic and cultural diplomacy. And there’s a code of conduct that must be observed by all parties to which we are a signatory to.

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