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Repeal of RH Law

Ang Kapatiran Party is on record as having been opposed the RH Bill and now the RH law. Definitely, it is now in our agenda to repeal the RH Law. But for the meantime, if I will be elected in the Senate, I will be using my oversight function as a senator so that the RH Law will be implemented properly.

For example, I have to look at the funds. The P21 billion allotted for the RH Law has to be used properly. I don’t want a single centavo from this huge amount of money to be pocketed by corrupt officials in the DOH, to make sure that no amount of money will be lost to graft and corurption.
No to divorce

When I read the Philippine Constitution, I noticed that there is biased in favor of the preservation of the family and the marriage is foundation of that is the family. Anything that is destructive of the family is frowned upon as constitutionally impermissible in Constitutional terms. In other ways, marriage must be safeguarded. If we allow divorce, that is destroying marriage which is the foundation of the family. I would rather focus on bills that will strengthen and promote family values and family unity.
No to same-sex marriage

I adhere to the traditional concept of marriage as between a man and a woman. I recognize that they have legitimate grievances especially when it comes to property relations between same-sex partners. But I think existing laws can be used already. If your concern is to protect your property relationship, then why don't you eneter into a partnership for example. If you are concerned with successional rights, with inheritance, why not make a last will and testament where in you are going to bequeath part of your property to you partner. So I don’t think that we have to redefine or revise the concept of marriage if only to accommodate property relationships, which under the law can already be covered.

No to death penalty

I am not in favor of the re-imposition of death penalty because as a practicing lawyer, I know that only the poor people are vulnerable to be convicted and sentenced with the death penalty. The rich can always afford the biggest law firms and the greatest legal minds to defend them.
Second, the Supreme Court of the Philippines reversed 80 percent of the death sentences. The statistics that the lower courts erred in convicting an accused is so high. We cannot stake the life of an individual given that our judicial system is flawed.
But I do believe that punishment is not really a deterrent to crim. If you are going to commit rape, robbery, murder, you do not care about what the penalty is but you are going to be afraid, first and foremost, most of being caught, being prosecuted, and being in jail. It is not the death penalty that matters, it is the certainty that crime does not pay in this country.
On territorial row with China

Our row with China includes dispute over Spratlys and Scarborough Shoal. Under the international law, the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, these islands belong to the Philippines and not to China so we have very strong legal position here.
Even under environmental international law, China is not on solid footing because they are caught poaching. If we want to continue our claim through diplomatic means, and invoke international mechanism like arbitrations and filing possibly a case under the international court of justice to assert our claims over these disputed territories. We should not abandon these.

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