Where Migz Zubiri stands

No to divorce

I'm not in favor of divorce. You may think I'm a conservative person. If you look at the United States... there are a number of dysfunctional families because of divorce. Many studies time and time again have said that children suffer from divorced parents. And what happens is because it is so easy to divorce, parents, rather than working things out say "let's just quit."

No to same-sex marriage

I think on same-sex marriage, Filipinos are not yet prepared for such drastic liberal policy. I have nothing against same-sex unions... it's not a problem for me. They can be legally accepted, it's fine. But I think same-sex marriage is still one step that the Filipinos are not ready to accept at this point in time.

On territorial dispute with China

We should not give up our claim internationally on the Panatag Shoal, on the Scarborough area, on the Spratlys. We should continue to fight for that but in the international arena. I support the government's stand to take it to the United Nations... where everything is mediated by the internaitonal community. I think that is a better way than fighting fire with fire.

No to death penalty

Initially, I was in favor of the death penalty, but since my renewed faith as a Marian devotee, I would like take the power of the death of a person from the hands of man and leave their faith on the hands of God and the rule of law.

What we need to do is for a maximum deterrence of criminality, I propose... a brand new, redesigned jail system similar to the national penitentiaries of the United States where the heinous criminals are separated individually. It's a maximum sexurity jail and in pure isolation.

No to RH Law

The RH Law is already there. Personally I'm against it as a Marian devotee... but I believe also in using the condom. I am anti-abortion but pro-condom and I am saying this because there are instances when couples have to use contraception.

...There are certain sections of the RH Bill which I am not in favor of. One is age-appropirate sex education... That's why I've made a stand not to support the RH Bill at this time.

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