Where Nancy Binay stands

No to RH Law

I am not in favor yung RH Law because I don't think government should spend for contraceptives. Diba nga, I'm pushing for more free immunization for young kids. Diba  yung P3 billion is better spent through other needs dahil ang mga health needs n gating mga constitutents.
No to divorce

I'm not for divorce because I believe that government should help strengthen the family and not break it up. Kasi siba yung mga mga issue na what if kung battered yung wife, meron din naman tayong – may provision naman na for that which is yung annulment  and legal separation. I guess we should juts make it more affordable yung annulment dun sa mga nangangailangan talaga.
No to same sex marriage

I don't think our society is ready for a same-sex marriage.
No to death penalty

I am not for death penalty. I think we should strengthen muna our justice system. Unang una yung mga crimes, yung mga police natin, hindi ganun ka-tight the way they conduct their investigations. So kung yung isa ma-death penalty tapos hindi pala talaga guilty yung tao nay un I think it's worse than sending 10 people to jail.

On territorial dispute with China

I think yung government natin is already addressing this issue by bringing it up dun sa proper forum.

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