Where was Netflix's Stay Close filmed?

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Photo credit: Netflix  - Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix - Netflix

When we get into a series we really get into a series. Which is why we're thinking a lot about Netflix's latest Harlan Coben thriller right now. Following the success of The Stranger, Safe, and The Woods, Stay Close is thelatest of Coben's books to be adapted for the streamer, and it's very much our new suspense-filled drama obsession.

Here are all the filming locations for our favourite new show.


A major amount of the action in the series takes place in Vipers nightclub, and as the series goes on it becomes the focal point for the drama. In reality, the club scenes were filmed across two different locations.

Scenes of the interior take place at a bar named Impossible on Peter Street in Manchester, while even more interestingly, the exterior was filmed at an abandoned nightclub called Shorrocks Hill in Formby.

Shorrocks Hill was investigated in a YouTube video uploaded by urban explorer Daniel Sims back in 2020. While the building itself is actually a health and fitness spa named Pinetops (it was left abandoned in 2015), it also includes a nightclub which was used to film exterior scenes of Vipers in the series. Although, if you were thinking of going for a visit some the frontage and neon pink Vipers sign were taken down once filming finished.

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

The Silver Jubilee Bridge, Runcorn

A lot of the sweeping scenic shots show an impressive bridge which connects the world of Vipers to Megan's new suburban life in Ridgewood. These iconic shots actually show The Silver Jubilee Bridge in Runcorn.

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

The Dream Head, St Helens

Coben's original novel was set in Atlantic City, with much of the action centring around a well known sculpture called Lucy the Elephant. The Netflix series adaptation is based in the fictional town of Ridgewood which was loosely based on Blackpool.

As a result showrunners had to find a substitute for the famous elephant landmark, which is where The Dream Head comes into it. The St Helens sculpture was a great UK-based replacement for the book's original focal point.

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

Nunsmere Lake

If you've finished the series (if not, spoilers ahead) you'll know that the moment when Dave pushes the orange car into the lake early on in the series turns out to be the answer to the big question of the series.

The lake where this all took place is actually Nunsmere Lake in Cheshire, a huge 60 acre lake near Northwich. And, according to a behind the scenes shot from director Daniel O'Hara this scene was actually a logistical nightmare to film. He wrote, "There was a lot of discussion about how to get the car into the water safely, efficiently and successfully! It was a combination of a serious rig and VFX wizardry."

You can watch Stay Close on Netflix now.

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