Where print, digital grow together, buck the trend

NINI B. CABAERO / Director for content

THE narrative for the media industry these days is usually one of print profit going down and digital revenue inching up.

At SunStar, we have a different story to tell.

As Cebu-based SunStar Publishing Inc. turns 37 today, Nov. 25, 2019, it can say it is bucking the trend and showing how both print and digital can grow together.

Not one outstripping the other, but SunStar newspapers and SunStar digital growing together.

The result is a better media for the SunStar audience and advertisers.


SunStar embraced early the wisdom of integration -- combining the content potentials of print and digital under a new and agile newsroom and bundling advertising opportunities in both the newspaper and digital for multiple format presentations.

News breaks on social media, with updates as they happen both on social media and the website.

Digital news gets polished further for tomorrow’s newspaper.

This new workflow became possible when the print and digital newsrooms were integrated last year.

A new workflow and organizational structure marked the transformation of the newsroom into one that adapts to industry changes.

Buffet of packages

Newspaper ads go beyond the static as unique and fun designs get introduced.

The false cover mimics the front and back pages of the newspaper. Invasive ads such as the belt ad that cuts across a page or two pages grabs the reader’s attention.

These are among the innovations in newspaper advertising that present information in new and compelling ways.

Lower cost

On digital, advertising opportunities include placements on www.sunstar. com.ph, paid press releases, social media postings, several ad formats on newscasts on the web or webcasts in Cebuano (NewsBits/5:30 p.m. M-F) and English (NewsBits Tonight/9 p.m. M-F), on live shows, interviews in the newsroom studio and in sponsored videos on ViveCast.

Clients can choose the print-digital ad package to meet their needs at a cost that is lower than if they were to buy each item separately.

The winners are the audience and advertisers.