Where Ramon Montano stands

Yes to RH Law

I am for the RH bill for the simple reason that [it's] the concern of the women and they should be given the choice to freedom on access to birth control programs of the government. It is their choice, not the choice of anyone else.

On divorce

Divorce? I [was] ambiguous there before because I was for divorce before but there's something that must be done to cure these defects...

But still to craft the divorce law takes a very very long study of our culture of what's the present mood of the people and of course taking into consideration of our Catholic faith.
No to same-sex marriage

No, I don’t agree with that because the marriage should be between a man and a woman.

No to death penalty

I've never been in favor of the death penalty because in the first place the punishment no matter how dreadful but if you cannot catch the offender it's the same. They get away with the crime, it's the same.

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