Where Ricardo Penson stands

On repeal of RH Law

Let them argue about constitutionality of certain provisions of the RH law but it’s a law now. Let’s see if it works. We can always, as a people, repeal it or take it out later on.
Yes to divorce

I think so. I haven’t met a single Filipino who has no knowledge of a couple who are suffering. We have provisions like annulment and legal separation but it does not really address specifically couples with children, the treatment of assets. At least in divorce, if we study it carefully it’s always a two-way street. There’s always financial settlement of both parties. There’s always child support and child custody agreement. I think it is a better arrangement.
Because in annulment, its as if the marriage didn’t happen and why would allow my child grow up using somebody else’s last name?
No to same-sex marriage

I don’t think the country is ready for same-sex marriage but I think we should recognize the fact that there are so many same-sex couples already in this country. There’s another way of going about it in our studies in countries like Denmark, Germany where they have what they call registered partnerships. At least, theres protection of the remaining couple if somebody passes away.
But under our current penal system or civil code, we also have partnerships so they can register themselves to be in partnerships because marriage to me is the propagation of families and I don’t think same-sex couples can produce a baby.

No to death penalty

No. I don’t think that’s proper. In a civilized society or  matured society, I don’t think there’s any need to take a life for taking another life. We should go into more on the reason or the causes behind them, reform the person. I don’t think we have the right to take somebody else’s life.
On territorial row with China

Definitely, Spratlys or at least Pagasa is ours and there’s no contest there. We have a base there, we have our soldiers there. It’s covered with a Palawan barangay. And the other islands that are seen on low tide and disappears on high tide, those should just be declared by sealane. We should protect the sea lane, definitely because a lot of our trade depends on that sea lane
But we should not allow ourselves to be used by super powers, who is always fighting against our neighbor China. But we should also not allow China to bully us the way they have been doing in Scarborough.

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