Where Samson Alcantara stands

No to RH Law

I'm a petitioner to declare a provision in the RH Bill as unconstitutional... violative of freedom of speech and expression.

Yung particular provision which says that when a health worker comments on the program eh he may be penalized. Pinapalabas na ang gobyerno lang ang tama.

Let them also express their views... The government has no monopoly of correct ideas or what is valid or what is not good, what is good.

No to divorce

We have more or less a divorce law in the Philippines under the Family Code: Yung annulment of marriage based on psychological incapacity, etc. Yung objection lang naman dun is masyadong expensive. But we can always reduce the expense.

Let us not have another divorce law in the Philippines. That is destructive of the family... Let the government spend for more counselling so we can save the family. We should pity the children.

No to same-sex marriage

I have always maintained that they can be together without marriage--because marriage contemplates parties belonging to different sexes. But I don't want to deprive them of their happiness. That is guaranteed--the right to be happy, the right to associate with each other--they can do that and achieve the same purpose.

No to death penalty

I don't think death penalty will serve the purpose becuase even those who commit the offense will commit the offense are actually committing the offense so that they will be imposed the death penalty. Gusto na nga niyang mamatay kaya siya gumagawa ng heinous crimes.

On territorial dispute with China

We should insist on our claims. And we should not feel threatened by a world power. We should not cave in and we should insist on our rights and seek peaceful means of settling the dispute.

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