Where Sonny Angara stands

Yes to RH Law

I voted in favor of the RH Bill and I’ve always been in favor since my first term in congress. I’ve seen it in the provinces, in the grass roots. I would have people come up to me with ten, eleven. May isa nga labing tatlo yung anak niya eh. Sabi niya, congressman tulungan mo naman ako. Sabi ko, sige sige pero tama na yung anak ha?
No to divorce

I’m not really in favor at the moment. We already have laws which deal with the marriages which have gone sour. We’re talking of provisions of the family code. Maybe we can make it more equitable or more accessible in that sense because under the provisions of the family code kelangan may, to operationalize these provisions kelangan may kunin ka na psychologist, psychiatrist eh magastos yun. That costs, it can cost 50 thousand pataas even to go through whole court process and clearly that’s out of reach from the ordinary person.
Yes to same sex marriage

Yeah, why not? I think equal rights are okay especially property rights. It should be given protection under the law. nothing wrong with that. we don’t have to call it marriage, we can call it same sex union or whatever.
No to death penalty

I’m not so much in favor because kelan lang natin tinanggal yung death penalty eh. Parang we can’t really measure effectivity of policy kung pabago bago tayo eh. Kelangan tingnan muna natin at have empirical evidence to back up our claims before… and we tend to be knee jerk in our reaction. Dapat pag law-making long-term ang ating stratehiya, long term ang pananaw natin
On territorial dispute with China

I think it’s more of an executive matter. I don’t see any treaty that might be drawn out by the Senate or we already have laws on our territories. Wala naman akong nakikitang kelangan gawin ng senado o kongreso diyan no? I think there’s very little choice really [but to take it to the UN]. We don’t have the option of going to war or sending the warships. I don’t think that option is there.

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