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On same sex marriage

If people want to engage in same sex relationships that’s fine with me. I think that making it legal, making it official is a very complex issue. It has to be discussed thoroughly. We have to listen to all stakeholders in this. and if we come up with a consensus, on whether to legalize that or not then well and good. But I think it’s something that has to be discussed

But in my case, I will not file a bill for same sex marriage. I think mahaba pa hong proseso bago tayo umabot sa point na yun.

On divorce

Well I am an author of a bill that aims to include battery and extra marital affairs as a basis for annulment under the provision of incapacity. Intellectual incapacity ba yun? But definitely it’s something whose time has come. We have to talk about it.

We have to discuss it because sa dami ho ng mga mag asawa ngayon na naghihiwalay, na hindi nagiging maayos ang paghihiwalay dahil walang legal na paraan except for annulment, which is a very very expensive process. Kailangan natin pag usapan paano natin mae-ensure na maayos kung talagang di na magkasundo, wala nang magagawa, there has to be a process.

And maybe we can relax annulment or maybe it’s divorce, I’m not sure. But it’s something that we will have to tackle. It’s an issue whose time has come to be discussed.

On repeal of RH Law

I think it’s too early to repeal the law. Gusto ko muna makita how it will be implemented. Of course I voted for the RH law but I have my own misgivings, my own fears of how this law might be used to impose population control  in our country. Ang habol naman natin diyan sa RH bill is the reproductive health services that is supposed to improve. Bahala ang pamilya kung anong desisyon niya. Gusto niya malaking pamilya, maliit na pamilya and spacing between children.

But what we are just guaranteeing under the RH law is that gov’t will be there to provide the service, whether they want artificial contraception, natural family planning methods or if they don’t want, gusto lang nila yung services para sa mga sanggol at mga nanay, it’s up to them and let’s make the law work first. But definitely there are fears of its abuse, we will have to, kailangan bantayan din natin yan.

On death penalty

I have been constantly against the death penalty. I share the views of many of our people and our legislators that death penalty does not guarantee a lower crime rate and that oftentimes under death penalty especially given the loopholes of our justice system, malamang ang tatamaan niyan ay yung mga mahihirap na hindi kayang magbayad ng abogado at walang malalakas na koneksyon sa taas. So mabuti nang wala na munang death penalty.

On territorial dispute with China

I also share the position that it is wrong for China to claim parts of the west Philippine sea, that we have to protest this, that we have to bring this to all the venues from bilateral talks to the United nations and that there should be no compromise in our territorial integrity and sovereignty.

So the same standard should apply to the United States for example in their incursions in our ph territory even if it is within the guise of a visiting forces agreement. What is clear is that there are also violations of our sovereignty involved there. So definitely whether it’s China or the U.S. or whatever country, we should protect and be vigilant about our national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

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