What is the ‘whisper method’ trend on TikTok?

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Manifestation and spirituality have become hot topics on TikTok. These days a new wellness trend called the “whisper method” has content creators buzzing.

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The visualization practice is believed to give you the power to compel people in your life to behave a certain way. So if you’re trying to get someone to text back or give you special attention, the whisper method is said to be a useful tool in your arsenal.

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What is the “whisper method” on TikTok?

The hashtag #whispermethod has over 69.8 million views. The whisper method is a manifestation technique used to influence another person in your life. The idea is to visualize yourself whispering your wishes into the person’s ear while they are sleeping.

It’s important to note that while there are tons of people on TikTok touting that the method “works,” rarely, if ever, do they show any evidence or said results.

How to do the “whisper method” from TikTok?

“First step, you want to picture the person sleeping,” TikToker @auravibin explained in a clip. “If you know what their room looks like, even better, it will help with the visualization.”

“While they’re sleeping, you want to imagine yourself in the room with them. Walk up to their bed slowly. Go up to one side of their body. Whisper in their ear what you want to tell them.”

She suggested whispering things like “text me” or “call me” to get the person to do what you want.

TikToker @valeriafune claimed the method “100% works” in a skit where a friend said they “just randomly started thinking” about her.

The user @daddysaturn_ said that she used the whisper method to get her husband to wear a blue shirt without him realizing it.

“Him saying that he can’t stop thinking about me and wants to see me,” @astrogirll1 wrote in a caption. “Me knowing I used the whisper method yesterday.”

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