White spot virus hit fishponds in Zambo

A FISHERIES bureau official has advised fishpond operators in Zamboanga City to secure fingerlings and fry from certified providers to ensure the young species are free from diseases.

Ahadulla Sajili, Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) regional director, inspected several fishponds in the village of Vitali, 73 kilometers east of the city, where there were reported infection of "white spot" virus that have caused the death of fishes and prawns.

Sajili said the sudden change of temperature combined by the low water volume contributed to the death of the fishes and prawns aside from the virus.

The City Agriculture Office and BFAR have observed that water volume of the fishpond is not suitable for the livability of the aquatic resources being cultured, Sajili said.

He said infection from white spot virus is common in some areas in Luzon where fishponds are overcrowded and with low water volume.

He suggested that the fishponds infected with the white spot virus to be disinfected, citing the virus is hereditary and the fingerlings and fry that were culture inherited it from their parents.

The infected fishponds must be cleared for two weeks or a month before it will be populated by fingerlings or fry from BFAR certified providers, he said.

The BFAR regional office has requested a team from its central office to train fishpond operators on the procedures and methodolgy of fishery business, Sajili said.