Why 'Sir Chief' is endorsing Magsaysay for free

Yahoo! Southeast Asia Newsroom

Bad boys should be left in the movies.

This was how actor Richard Yap urged voters to cast their ballots barely a week left before May 13 polls.

Yap, who portrays a good father in ABS-CBN's hit series Be Careful With My Heart, said Filipinos should elect only the good guys in the Senate.

"I am doing this voluntarily because I want a person who has integrity and a good record back in the Senate. We should give our support to those deserve it," Yap tells reporters.

"We should not give out support to those who have bad record. I know bad boys can be appealing but they are only for the movies. In the real world, we need good guys who can help us," he added.

"Bad boys can be appealing to a lot of girls, but these are the same guys who physically hurt women," Yap added.

The Kapamilya actor joined talk show host Ogie Diaz in a press conference that hopes to give a last-ditch push on the candidacy of former Senator Ramon "Jun" Magsaysay Jr, who wants to return to the Senate.

In the recent Pulse Asia survey, Magsaysay remains to be in the striking distance ranking from 12 to 17.

Yap, more popularly known as Ser Chief, went out of his way to personally campaign for the son of late President Ramon Magsaysay.

"I don't know if the timing is right or we are a little too late but we are doing the best kahit na late na tayo," added the actor, who declared his support for Magsaysay last month.

Yap, who volunteered to endorse Magsaysay for free, explained he already turned down offers from politicians seeking his help for the campaign.

The process of assessing their qualifications, he noted, took him long before realizing he wanted to help Magsaysay in his senatorial bid.

"There were instances when some camps even said that I should name my price, but I am not doing this for the money. Hindi naman talaga ako nang-eendorse ng anyone," Yap said.

"But I really saw that Senator Magsaysay needed our help. I have endorsed the Senator because I believe in him and his sincerity. This is my social responsibility," he added.

The Kapamilya actor also said he's willing to do everything even depriving himself of sleep just to help Magsaysay win.

"We came to mutual agreement to help each other out because we both have the same theme advocacies like help some youth continue their education," he noted.

Magsaysay confirmed relating to Yap since both gentlemen were orphaned at a young age.

Late President Magsaysay died in a plane crash in Mt. Manunggal in Cebu back in 1957.

The former senator thanked Yap for the timing of his endorsement, saying his declaration might give him the extra push he needs to rank closer to the winning circle on May 13 polls.