Why employees are grateful to be part of DBS Cebu

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AMERICAN company Dover Business Services (DBS) first expanded in Cebu in 2017. It is an independent transactional service provider in finance, information technology and human resources to Dover Corp., an Illinois-based diversified manufacturer.

If one is wondering what the work culture of DBS Cebu is like, here is a written account by one of its employees:

"Perhaps one of the greatest lessons and realizations we have learned all throughout this coronavirus crisis is to appreciate what we have. This couldn’t be truer when it comes to the work that we have with DBS Cebu amid the uncertainty of this health crisis."

"At the height of the pandemic when everything was a blur, DBS Cebu helped its employees fix their vision. A lot of people say that the true character of a company shows in the middle of a crisis and DBS Cebu just proved itself not just as a leading shared service center in the region but also a company with a heart."

Grateful for the support

"The company’s willingness to proactively support its employees was amplified during the pandemic. We knew we can count on DBS when the company adjusted its benefit package, guidelines, policies and work setup in the thick of the health crisis and lockdowns in Cebu City. Furthermore, the guidance and encouragement from the company that we have received throughout these years are always above and beyond. As per Eli, payroll team lead, he is grateful to DBS for giving him the opportunity to holistically develop his career. He says, 'Aside from very competitive salary and benefits, the company provides its employees with an opportunity for professional development and growth by investing in global trainings either through immersion abroad or through various international certifications. Also, I am grateful to DBS for being the first few companies that advised their employees to work from home during the start of pandemic and ensure mental health, anxieties and uncertainties are addressed as well by providing seminar, talks and discussions by different professionals, showing a testament to how the company values its employees.'"

Grateful for the people

"Work doesn’t feel like work especially when you like the people you’re working with. The empowering culture, the joyful vibe and the exciting engagement activities that support work-life balance make working at DBS worthwhile. We are thankful for the management team that works day in and day out to keep operations moving and thriving in the face of a crisis.We are also thankful for all the DBS Cebu staff who make our place as safe and as conducive for work as possible. But more than that, we are grateful for the opportunity to work with individuals who are the best at what they do and inspire us to always strive to be better. According to Aileen, Specialty Cases team lead, she is grateful to be a part of a company that puts people first. She says, 'In my tenure in DBS, I’ve seen how hard the leadership team and staff have worked to keep us engaged and also ensure we were safe and comfortable in our homes all throughout the health crisis. More importantly, I found the best people I’ve ever toiled the daily grind with in terms of dedication, team work and integrity.'

Grateful for what lies ahead

"As we enter 2021, we could only hope that things will get better most especially for us in the shared service industry. For DBS Cebu, there are better things coming our way as the company continuously makes sure to think two steps ahead. This coming 2021, DBS Cebu is prepared to grow and expand by hiring additional roles, executing solid strategy and developing company culture. Likewise, the company has also equipped itself to focus on learning and development, increase scope and standardize processes as it continues to empower growth for its employees, customers and stake holders."

"In terms of employees' welfare and development, DBS has positioned itself to be the best place to work in the coming years. The company aims to keep on excelling in terms of work-life integration, diversity and inclusion, learning and enablement, talent development and recognition. Following the same line of thought, DBS will be adding more initiatives that are targeted at and aligned with its overall organizational goals, strategies and values.

There is no denying that this year has been quite a challenge to everyone. No matter how much we try to change the narrative of this health crisis, at the end of the day, mother nature is in control. However, despite every twist and turn 2020 has brought into our lives, there is always something to be grateful for and for us Dover folks,being part of DBS Cebu is certainly one of those."

"How about you, what are you grateful for in 2020?" SPONSORED CONTENT