Why this pregnancy announcement went viral

Photo credit: saipanting
Photo credit: saipanting

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Since the arrival of social media, gone are the days that news of important life events are shared by a mere phone call. Nowadays, pregnancy, engagement and gender reveal announcements are splashed all over people's accounts.

And mostly, this is a great way to share news, with the ability to make sure it reaches the far corners of a person's network. But sometimes, like in this case, it can go very, very wrong.

A woman's pregnancy announcement on Twitter has gone viral after she appeared to threaten to abort her baby if she didn't receive more than 4,000 retweets. The woman, who's known only as Saipanting on the social network, uploaded a picture she alleges to be of herself, sporting a pregnancy bump. Alongside the picture, she posted the words: "4 months pregnant. 4k RTs & I won't abort it."

While it's unconfirmed whether the tweet is real or if it's a hoax, it certainly grabbed the attention of onlookers who noticed there was a whole host of drama going on after reading some of the comments. Among the comments appears to be a tweet from the alleged father of the unborn child, who wrote: "Instead of letting me know it was my baby you decided to come on Twitter with that bullshit?"

This led some people to believe the tweet was nothing more than a stunt.

But others believed what they were reading, and were understandably shocked.

Regardless of whether saipanting's intentions were legitimate or not, she surpassed her 4,000 retweet 'goal' by a large amount, with the current number of retweets standing at more than 10,500.

But let's hope this wasn't a genuine tweet, because using social media to dictate serious life decisions could become a dangerous game.

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