Why yellow flowers are not good on Valentines

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Don’t give yellow flowers on Valentine’s day.

According to www.rd.com, if you give your partner a bouquet of yellow flowers, don’t expect a kind response because yellow flowers mean jealousy and infidelity! They’re bright and sunny but the meaning behind these yellow blooms are shadier than a gloomy day.

True, flowers are beautiful and are pleasing to look at but did you know that there are different meanings behind the colors?

Here’s the rest of the surprising symbolism.


Intense, passionate, and true.

These are some of the closely associated meanings of red flowers. Red flowers convey undeniable love and lust. They also mean respect and courage.

To best convey your heartfelt feelings, go red, gardeningknowhow.com said.


Most commonly used in bridal bouquets and memorial services, as told by flowershopping.com, a bouquet of delicate white flowers generally means purity, innocence, and honesty.

If the person you’re giving this to exudes elegance and chasteness, this is the best option.


Pink flowers are versatile; they symbolize love, playfulness, gentleness, femininity, thoughtfulness, and even grace, said teleflora.com.

Similar to red flowers, these are associated with romance. Despite not being as intense in terms of color, pinks mean a deeper connotation of love and all its possibilities.

Got someone who makes you happy? Pink flowers also symbolize happiness, so you know what to do. winky face.


A pique of interest, mystery, and intrigue.

Blue flowers are perfect for secret admirers who wish to remain anonymous from their love interest, as told by 1800flowers.com. They also symbolize the impossible, the unattainable; so, if the best way to love them is from afar, these are your best bet for Valentine’s day.


A ray of sunshine and a warm embrace, orange flowers offer the warmth of love; enthusiasm; happiness; and adventure.

These would be a thoughtful gift for your sisters who are your best frenemies, and best friends.


Vibrant, unique, and exciting-- salmon-colored flowers are best to give someone who makes you kilig! If you’re getting to know someone or in the courting stage, these flowers will definitely make a statement.


Green with envy? Definitely not this flower’s meaning!

Symbolizing youthfulness, good fortune, health, and wellness, green flowers are not only pleasing to the eyes but also gratifying to receive.

If you’re feeling down, green flowers radiate positivity and also symbolize harmony with nature.


Contrary to the color’s meaning which is aggression, rebellion, and evil, black flowers symbolize rebirth and new beginnings!

Darkened with dye, the symbolism of these artificially colored blooms have been modified due to their popular use in fiction. These, too, represent mystery and death.