Why you should invest in an air fryer this Black Friday

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Why you should invest in an air fryer this Black Friday. (Getty Images)
Why you should invest in an air fryer this Black Friday. (Getty Images)

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Of all the wedding gifts we received after our recent nuptials, I never thought an air fryer would turn out to be most exciting. 

Our kind friends and family splashed out on all manner of things for our new house: from a multi-pronged octopus candlestick (added by me, much to the displeasure of my husband) to a neon pink vase (also added by me, much to the displeasure of my husband), and though perhaps the air fryer wasn't the most exciting initially to unwrap, it has certainly become our most used.

It's no secret to those who know me that I don't love cooking - I'd much rather go to a restaurant. It's not so much a case of 'can't cook' as 'won't cook'.

But with winter upon us, a mounting Deliveroo bill and a savings account begging to be used, I decided to try and up my game.

And this is where the air fryer comes in. In fact it doesn't just come in, it totally steals the show. 

The Dreo Air Fryer makes simple cooking not only delicious but healthy, and it means less washing up afterwards. 

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The gadget cooks food through rapid 360° air circulation and leaves you with more evenly-cooked results, with 95% less oil than traditional deep frying. 

This means we can have chips for dinner without feeling guilty or make perfectly-crisped falafel to toss onto a salad for lunch with zero faff. 

And it couldn't be easier - you just set the function (there are nine on the Dreo), depending on whether you want to unfreeze, bake, cook, crisp, dehydrate and quickly reheat, put the ingredients in and off you go.

It's saved oil splattering all over our kitchen, it's made cooking fun and it goes in the dishwasher so has made it all super easy to clean at the end of it. 

In short, I couldn't imagine newly-married life without one - who knew?

If you've been thinking of getting one yourself, now is the time, as several huge branded designs from the ever popular Ninja, to more affordable versions from Tower and Tefal (which is now only £39) are now in early Black Friday sales.

While you can choose to browse the many air fryers already in Amazon's Black Friday sale, we've put a few top-rated favourites below. 

6 air fryers that are currently in the early Black Friday sale

Ninja Foodi MAX Multi-Cooker | £198.99 (Was £229.99) from Amazon

Philips Essential Air Fryer Extra Large | £191.28 (Was £230) from Amazon

Tower Family Size Air Fryer with Rapid Air Circulation | £49.99 (Was £69.99) from Amazon

Vortx Compact Air Fryer | £37.23 (Was £44.99) from Amazon

TEFAL Easy Fry Compact Air Fryer | £39 (Was £83.99) from Curry's

NINJA Foodi Dual Zone 7.6L Air Fryer | £179 (Was £199) from Very

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