Windows Phone glitch prompts you to 'Insert installation disc'

This could be one of the most baffling error message to appear on smartphones running Microsoft's Windows Phone operating system: asking the user to insert his or her Windows installation disc into the smartphone.

Photos of the error message started making the rounds of the Internet over the weekend, including one by F-Secure chief research officer Mikko Hypponen.

"Windows failed to start ... Insert your Windows installation disc and restart your computer," read the error message as shown on a photo Hypponen posted on his Twitter account last Jan. 11.

On Saturday night, however, Hypponen posted an update where he indicated the photo was a "result of Reflashing" and was "not a normal failure."

A tweep who replied to Hypponen, however, said regular users may not likely see the message, saying it may be "hardcoded" in the Windows kernel.

A separate post on the Windows Phone community forum said the error message stemmed from an attempt to hack into the Windows Phone.

But tech site The Next Web indicated the thought of inserting installation discs into a phone could make the error message seem "absolutely hilarious."

"Really, and where exactly would one do that?" it said. ā€” TJD, GMA News