Winwyn Marquez thankful for Filipinos' support

9 Nov - Winwyn Marquez has a list of people she is thankful to for her recent victory at the 2017 Reina Hispanoamericana.

The actress-turned-beauty queen, who recently became the first Asian and Filipina to win the Hispanic pageant, took to Instagram to express her gratitude to everybody who has given her a big encouragement to try her best in the pageant.

Thanking her fans who call themselves the Wynaddicts, Marquez said that she is happy with how much support they have given her throughout the pageant through messages, group chats and more. She added that her fans also helped spread the word about the votes, which enabled her to win the crown.

She also thanked her friends and loved one for believing in her, her stylists for making her look like a queen every day, and for ACES & QUEENS - the firm that helped her (and many other beauty queens) with preparations for the big competition.

She said, "You're the reason why I became more confident to perform. You guys pushed me and you never gave up on me, and thank you so much."

To her whole family and boyfriend Mark Herras, she said, "You're my rock. Thank you for being beside me. Even if there's a point that you do not want me to join because you see how sad I am, but because you see that I really loved it, you guys held my hand all the way to my dream."

She also has some words to her bashers - that she will work her hardest to prove herself.

(Photo source: Winwyn Marquez Instagram)