Witchcraft talk leads to murder

Mangatarem, Pangasinan - Two men are now being hunted by police after killing a 56-year-old woman, accused of practicing witchcraft in Barangay Bantocaling, here, last Sunday afternoon.

Police said Angelina Mondala was killed on the spot in a drive-by shooting by men riding in tandem on a motorcycle.

She succumbed to a bullet wound in the neck and another near the armpit. Probers found two bullet casings for a .45-caliber pistol and a deformed slug of the same caliber.

Mondala's son, Marcelo Ramos, told homicide investigators that his mother had been receiving death threats recently. He said she was being condemned as a "witch."

One resident told the Manila Bulletin: "There had been people roaming the area, watching her (Mondala), before this shooting incident."