What’s next for Careless Music with Liza and Issa on board?

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With two new artists on their roster in Liza Soberano and Issa Pressman, Careless Music is set to take not just the Philippines, but the world, by storm.

“It all started with a vision that I had for myself, for my music, [and] my career.” That’s how founder James Reid described the early beginnings of his record label and management agency, Careless Music, in their trade launch last Monday, June 20. “I spent the past four years learning the industry and creating things and the platform for me to see this vision into fruition,” he added.

Careless Music founder James Reid at their trade launch on June 20, 2022. (Photo: Mike Gella)
Careless Music founder James Reid at their trade launch on June 20, 2022. (Photo: Mike Gella)

Still working towards that dream, 2022 marks probably the most jam-packed year for Careless as Reid focuses more on its plans to expand and tap into the international market.

Can’t get enough of Hello 2.0? There will be more

Careless made multiple headlines when it teased “Hello 2.0 (Legends Only),” a remake of Reid’s 2021 single “Hello” featuring the leader of internationally renowned South Korean group GOT7, Jay B, and Taiwanese American singer-songwriter slash fellow Transparent Arts (TA) artist, ØZI.

TA, whom James was signed to in 2020, is home to some extremely popular artists, such as Girls’ Generation’s (also known as SNSD) Tiffany Young and Far East Movement. SNSD is dubbed the “Nation’s Girl Group” in South Korea due to their sheer relevance in Korean pop music while the latter is best known for their hits “Like A G6” and “Rocketeer.”

Even then, Reid’s connections with international artists don’t end there, as the music video of Hello 2.0 (Legends Only) featured other prominent figures such as singer-songwriter Jay Park, Momoland lead vocalist Nancy, and F4 member Vanness Wu, among others.

If you think that these connections will bring Careless more collaborations with international artists, you’re not entirely wrong, but there’s actually more to it than meets the eye, as Careless Music CEO Jeffrey Oh revealed in the trade launch that they have entered a partnership with TA.

In an exclusive interview with Yahoo! Philippines, Reid also disclosed that he will be flying to South Korea by the end of June to meet with some music labels, managements, artists, and producers.

“Very excited to see what relationships we can build with South Korea as well,” said the actor-musician.

Live (physical) performances, new music

If you liked Jolianne’s “Routine,” Lesha’s “3:33,” Nadine Lustre’s “Wait For Me,” and any other Careless artist’s recent releases, there’s more where that came from, as Oh announced that the label will be dropping another mixtape on October.

Their last mixtape was released last 2018, a year before James and his label left Viva Records to go independent.

According to Oh, they’re also working on a domestic tour after dropping the said mixtape, with one of the stops being next year’s Sinulog Festival in Cebu. The CEO said that it will feature “a lot” of international artists from America, South Korea, and other countries.

On top of this, they are also planning their first international tour across America and Europe from February to March 2023.

Careless Music CEO Jeffrey Oh at their trade launch last June 20, 2022. (Photo: Mike Gella)
Careless Music CEO Jeffrey Oh at their trade launch last June 20, 2022. (Photo: Mike Gella)

“We really wanna go overseas and really reach out to our fanbase there, say hello, get to know them and meet them, share with them our artistry and our music, and we’re very very excited about this,” said Oh.

Newfound confidence

When asked about his personal growth since starting Careless, Reid had a simple response: confidence.

“I think my perspective has changed a lot from everything that we’ve accomplished in 2020. […] I really believe that we have a shot at really tapping into an international market and bringing the Philippines and Filipino-Americans and other international Filipinos closer together through music,” explained the label’s founder.

He added, “I think my greatest skill is my ability to learn, so everytime a challenge comes and it gets harder and harder, I just keep getting better.”

Being careless is about carefree; not compromising on artistry and creative freedom regardless of any hurdles. That much was made clear during the trade launch, and Careless is ready to continue taking these risks and expand to a larger audience.

Careless Music CEO Jeffrey Oh (left) and founder James Reid (rightmost) at the trade launch with new artists Liza Soberano (2nd to left) and Issa Pressman. (Photo: Mike Gella)
Careless Music CEO Jeffrey Oh (left) and founder James Reid (rightmost) at the trade launch with new artists Liza Soberano (2nd to left) and Issa Pressman. (Photo: Mike Gella)

Careless is about “finding passionate [and] driven artists, and sharing with them the opportunities that we’ve created, and support to realize their dreams on their own terms,” according to Reid, and their two new artists, Liza Soberano and Issa Pressman, are set to embody this very idea.

“You will definitely hear a very unexpected genre coming out of Liza as well as Issa,” said Reid in an exclusive interview with Yahoo! Philippines. However, these genre shifts will not be exclusive to them, as other Careless artists, him included, will also be switching it up in their next releases.

Although Reid has complimented the “amazing voice” that she’s been hiding, Soberano revealed that she was still taking up acting and vocal lessons to improve her craft.

Their vision for the label is indeed coming into fruition, but even at this state, things are really just getting started for Reid, Oh, and the rest of the Careless family. How they’ve adapted to everything that came their way is a testament to how they’ll be able to stay afloat in the industry for years to come—all without compromising the values they stand for.

It’s just like Reid said: “The future of entertainment is in the voice of the youth, and we are the label to listen to.”

Antonio Gabriel D. Tongco is a news, lifestyle, and entertainment writer covering mostly Philippine news and the local and global music scene. In his free time, he likes to explore various writers and artists to try and pull inspiration for his own craft. The views expressed are his own.

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