Wolves Lose Out as Yellowstone Grizzly Lays Claim to Bison Carcass

A pack of Yellowstone wolves had to watch and wait as a grizzly bear laid claim to their bison carcass on September 15.

Julie Argyle, who shot the footage, said she’s been photographing the bear in the footage – a nine-year-old grizzly – for a long time, and it is one of the heaviest in the park.

“I was lucky enough to hike out and see the bear laying on the carcass and 11 wolves playing and enjoying their time while waiting for the bear to move off,” she told Storyful.

“The wolves never got a bite to eat because this bear was not sharing,” she said.

This bear is clearly doing a good job fattening up for winter. Just a few days later, what Argyle said was the same animal was seen chasing down and killing a bull elk. Credit: Julie Argyle via Storyful