Woman, 22, accidentally falls to her death

A YOUNG woman died after she accidentally fell from the 24th floor of a condominium building at the Asiatown IT Park in Barangay Apas, Cebu City past midnight Saturday, Dec. 21, 2019.

Police Executive Master Sergeant Antonio Din of the Mabolo Police Station identified the victim as Marlhane Castaños, 22, a resident of Sto. Niño Village, Barangay Banilad.

Two construction workers witnessed Castaños fall to her death at 12:20 a.m.

The witnesses told police they initially saw Castaños and her Taiwanese boyfriend arguing through their condo’s glass window.

After their argument, Castaños’ boyfriend left and went down the building.

The witnesses then saw Castaños walk to the terrace of their condo unit and sit on the air-conditioning unit, which was near their window. She reportedly had no clothes on.

Din said the two witnesses reportedly tried to tell Castaños to get off the aircon unit, but she merely waved at them.

A few minutes later, Castaños attempted to return to the terrace by stepping on the window but lost her balance.

Upon seeing Castaños fall to her death, the two witnesses immediately called the building’s security personnel to tell them what happened.

“Under the influence”

The victim’s boyfriend reportedly returned to his condo unit later but failed to find Castaños. He eventually found out about his girlfriend’s fate after being told by the building’s security personnel.

Din said based on their investigation, they found that Castaños and her boyfriend were both drunk just before she died.

The two reportedly attended a Christmas party before returning to their condo.

But Din admitted they found no signs of foul play in Castaños’ death.

Castaños’ mother Marie Victoria told Superbalita Cebu that she was able to speak to her daughter just a few hours before she died.

She was in shock to find out about her daughter’s untimely death after police informed her just after she attended Misa de Gallo on Saturday dawn.

At the police station, Castaños’ boyfriend approached her mom and begged for her forgiveness.

Though she planned to have Castaños’ body autopsied, the victim’s mother said she is not interested in filing charges against her daughter’s boyfriend. / AYB / KFD / JKV