Woman from Carcar issues apology for posting fake kidnapping incident on social media

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A WOMAN who claimed to have experienced a kidnapping attempt in Carcar City has apologized to local police after admitting that the incident was a hoax.

Kylie Mae Aledo, who earlier posted her experience on social media, has approached the Carcar City Police Station and apologized to police personnel over what she posted.

Aledo also posted an apology on her Facebook page.

In her earlier post, Aledo claimed that unidentified persons aboard a white car attempted to kidnap her but the plot was allegedly foiled after her classmates were able to protect her.

Aledo’s post immediately made the rounds on social media and eventually, caught the attention of the city’s local police.

Lt. Col. Ardioleto Cabagnot, Carcar City police chief, told reporters that upon seeing Aledo’s post, he immediately ordered his personnel to verify the incident.

A few hours after police started verifying the incident, however, Aledo posted another statement on her FB page, admitting that the incident that she experienced was not an attempted kidnapping.

Aledo admitted that she made the first post out of fear because of the rumored kidnapping incidents that were reported across Cebu earlier this week.

Cabagnot confirmed that Aledo went to their station on Friday, Aug. 26, to personally apologize to them.

Cabagnot said that while Aledo had deleted her first post, they had retained a copy of it for legal purposes.

Cabagnot said based on their investigation, the unidentified persons on board the white car that Aledo reported were men who were just catcalling her.

“She (Aledo) was walking in the area when she saw the white car tailing her. The car’s driver suddenly opened his window and catcalled her. We concluded that the driver was just attracted to her, but she misintepreted it,” Cabagnot said in Cebuano.

Cabagnot warned netizens like Aledo that they could face charges if they continue to spread unverified reports online.

Talisay City

After receiving reports of two alleged kidnapping incidents in Barangays Biasong and Cansojong, Talisay City Mayor Gerald Anthony “Samsam” Gullas Jr. urged local police to investigate and verify if they were true or not.

Gullas said in a statement posted on his FB page that he had ordered Talisay City police chief Lt. Col. Randy Caballes to determine if the reports were legitimate.

He also urged his constituents who encounter such incidents to report the matter to the police for immediate action instead of posting it on social media.

Separately, Caballes said his personnel have started verifying the attempted kidnapping incidents in the two barangays on Friday, Aug. 26.

Caballes also urged the public to avoid posting unverified reports on social media as this could cause panic. (ANV, BBT / JKV)