Woman dies after receiving skin whitening injection at Manila spa

A 33-year-old restaurant manager has died after allegedly receiving glutathione injections in a Sampaloc, Manila spa.

On Monday, Shyril Gee Distor visited Glutaholics Spa to get glutathione injections at about 3pm. However, after she received the supplements, she lost consciousness and was brought to the University of Santo Tomas (UST) Hospital.

Jillian Dizon, a nurse and the sister of the owner of the spa, injected one vial of Aqua Skin-Diamond Pro Ultra White-140 and an ampule of Vitarex-C, an ascorbic acid, into Distor, Daily Tribune reports.

Police Captain Henry Navarro of the Manila Police District told news show 24 Oras, “After she was administered the supplement, minutes later she collapsed and she was brought to UST Hospital. Later that day, at around 11pm, the victim died.”

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Manila police are still waiting for the results of the autopsyJournal reports.

Glutathione is a popular whitening supplement in the Philippines, and is administered through an intravenous drip, a syringe, or tablets. Because most Filipinos (like many Asians) believe that fair skin is more attractive than a darker complexion, spas and dermatology clinics that offer glutathione drips have sprouted all over the country.

However, using glutathione for whitening has yet to be approved by the local Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which said in an advisory last year that there have been no published clinical trials that evaluated its efficacy as a whitening agent. The FDA added that it has “toxic effects” on a person’s kidneys, liver, and nervous system.

Upon learning of Distor’s death, Health Undersecretary Eric Domingo said that the spa could be held liable and be charged in connection to the patient’s death.

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