Woman furious over twin sister’s ‘horrid’ family party demand: ‘How childish is she?’

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A woman is feuding with her twin sister over which one is more talented.

She explained the situation on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. Her sister Emma is academically gifted, while she is musically gifted. The issue is that Emma’s in-laws are musicians. When the in-laws wanted to hear the Reddit poster play the piano, Emma told her twin to downplay her abilities.

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“I have a twin sister, Emma. She is getting married, and her in-laws are musicians,” she explained. “The only thing she isn’t better at than me is music — I built a career on playing the piano, while she has always been struggling with it. My parents invited Emma’s in-laws over for a family dinner, and we knew they would expect me to play the piano. Emma asked me to downplay my abilities and play worse than her so she would leave a better impression. I refused.”

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Emma became furious at her twin sister when she didn’t sabotage the piano performance.

“Emma was furious and said I was just getting back at her because she keeps referring to me as the dumb twin in front of people,” the Reddit poster explained. “I said she is just throwing a tantrum because for once she couldn’t keep up her ‘better twin’ image. Our mom says I should have downplayed my skills because they are my sister’s in-laws, not mine. But since Emma openly calls me dumb in front of my boyfriend, I don’t feel like I was in the wrong for refusing, especially since I didn’t badmouth her, I just refused to lie about myself.”

Reddit users thought Emma was being awful.

“That kind of horrid seeps out of a person’s pores,” one person commented.

“How childish is she that she can’t handle not being the best at absolutely everything?” another said.

“Don’t listen to anyone who tells you to underperform,” a user wrote.

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