Woman shows how to hold keys for self-defence while walking home

Lauren Clark
·2 min read
A TikTok user has warned how holding your keys the wrong way could actually hurt you in the event of an attack. (Getty Images)
A TikTok user has warned how holding your keys the wrong way could hurt you in the event of an attack. (Getty Images)

Recent events have shone a light on how many women often don't feel safe when walking home.

In the days after Sarah Everard's death, many shared an iPhone trick that alerts authorities if you're in danger. Others revealed how they also get their keys ready well in advance of reaching their doorstep so they can get inside quickly.

Now, a TikTok user called Fae has revealed how you can use those same keys in your hand as an additional form of self-defence in the unfortunate event you should need to.

The woman, who runs the account @faesfx, explains in the video how they can be enlisted as a spiky object to protect you from a potential attacker.

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However, Fae points out that if you hold your keys between your fingers in a fist, it could actually cause you more harm.

Demonstrating the method to the camera, she explains: "I’ve seen a lot of women say that they are carrying their keys like this to feel safe.

"If I punch, that key is going back into me and is going to hurt me."

Instead, you should take the base of your longest key and grip it inside your first, so that the point comes out of the bottom.

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This positioning means "that key isn’t going anywhere".

Fae then acts out a scenario with a friend, showing how the two different key holds work in effectiveness.

Her recommended method allows her to punch backwards and stab the assailant in the leg.

The clip has been viewed more than 2.6 million times, with over 660,000 leaving 'likes'.

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While many thanked Fae for creating the video, some pointed out sad it was that women needed to learn such self-defence methods at all.

One person wrote: "This is an amazing video, I just wish it wasn't necessary."

Another commented: "It hurts so much that we need to do this."

A third shared: "Let's hope nobody ever needs to use this, but good advice."