Woman sparks outrage in China after throwing puppy out fourth-floor window during fight

A woman in Beijing threw a dog out of a fourth-floor window during an argument with her husband.

In a viral video circulating on Chinese social media, a woman is seen pushing a Labrador retriever out of a window from her fourth-floor apartment. The dog was injured after landing on a car below.

The car’s owner, identified as Yang, said that the pet owners did not check on their injured dog. They only did so more than an hour later after they were told by Yang.

“The dog was lying motionless on the ground for over an hour,” Yang reportedly said.

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In the video, the dog is seen expectorating blood from its mouth and nose.

Yang did not ask for compensation for the damaged car. However, he told the couple to take their wounded dog to the vet. He also brought them adoption paperwork for the dog.

“I told them they should not keep the dog anymore, and I asked them to sign the paper and approve an adoption,” Yang was quoted as saying.

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The Labrador has since recovered from its injuries, according to reports.

The incident has sparked national outrage in China. Weibo users condemned the couple’s behavior and praised the car owner for helping to save the dog.

Although China has a law that protects wild animals, the country has no national law that prohibits the abuse of other animals, including pets.

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