Woman taken aback by boyfriend’s attempts to ‘dictate’ her outfit: ‘You’re not my dad’

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A woman is fed up with her boyfriend after he tried to dictate what clothing she wears.

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum for advice. When she and a group of friends got together, her boyfriend complimented her outfit. But when he noticed a single male was among the group, he insisted that she change her clothing. She refused.

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“I (F23) was invited to an outing with a few of my friends from college,” she wrote. “There were eight girls including me and four guys including my boyfriend (only one of them was our friend, the other three were dating one of us.) I invited my boyfriend (M23, fake name Noah) to come with us since everyone made it clear they were fine with him coming. They liked him, as we’ve been dating for three years and they all knew him. He accepted and was happy.”

“The day of the outing, I was getting ready when my boyfriend walked in. I was wearing my favorite dress, which had spaghetti straps. It wasn’t too short or anything and didn’t show any of my cleavage. He said something along the lines of “You look nice” and left the room. We got to the outing, which was about an hour away. We went in and saw everyone and were happy for a while. That’s until my friend David (M24) showed up. He was the only male friend in the group that wasn’t anyone’s boyfriend. Noah instantly got quiet and stayed around/close to me. Every time David got close to me, Noah would huff and puff but not say anything else. I found this odd because he was close to David in the past but didn’t say anything.”

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“Eventually, Noah pulled me aside,” she explained. “He said, ‘Why would you wear that if you knew David was coming? You need to go home and change.’ I was taken aback since he said it was fine earlier. ‘I’m not driving two hours total just to change my dress.’ I told him. ‘Yes you are. I don’t like you wearing that dress around him.’ He called me a few rude names, which I returned with, ‘You’re being a creep honestly. You’re not my dad, stop dictating what I wear,’ and walked away from the situation.”

“Noah stormed out and took the car home and a friend who lived nearby said she’d give me a ride home after hearing what happened. Alright, cool, problem solved. We enjoyed the rest of our outing, and David never made any weird remarks or looked at me weirdly. When I got home, Noah gave me the silent treatment. He told his parents who are saying I’m the AH (which is why I’m making this post) but most of my friends disagree.”

Redditors thought the boyfriend raised several red flags.

“Run, don’t walk, from this boy. This controlling behavior will only escalate,” a user commented.

“Get out NOW!” another wrote.

“Controlling AND he ran home to cry to his parents,” someone added.

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