How this woman turned her butt into a booty

Elizabeth Narins
Photo credit: Destiny Stephens/ Katie Buckleitner

From Cosmopolitan

Destiny Stephens, 21, wasn't born with a butt that makes you wonder whether gravity is real. She didn't even set out to sculpt her backside when she began working out a little more than five years ago.

Photo credit: Destiny Stephens/ Katie Buckleitner

Rather, the Ontario-based teen hit the gym in an attempt to combat her anxiety and depression. If she surfaced with abs and a bum, the then-15-year-old thought, even better.

Getting started wasn't easy: Although she'd done gymnastics as a kid and played on her high school's volleyball team, she'd never worked out consistently. At first, she'd screenshot various online workouts on her phone to use as a roadmap. She'd get to the gym maybe three days a week, ultimately swapping volleyball practices for independent workouts.

"The gym became my escape, and I loved it," Stephens says. And although exercise alone doesn't always cure depression or relieve anxiety, in her case, it worked: "It helped me a lot mentally."